Get Your Friends to Drink Craft Beer this Memorial Day Weekend

Posted: May 23, 2015 in Beer, Craft Beer, General
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If you don’t have a calendar, this weekend will be the cause of celebration for some and remembrance for others. This Memorial Day weekend will likely be similar to many others you may have had before. Perhaps BBQs and beer will be the main event of your weekend. Maybe you’re more of a shopping and beer type. Or if you’re a home-body like I am, your weekend will be filled with relaxation… and beer. Regardless of your celebration style, it is always a good thing to remember those who have died for the greater good, and for those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for their country.

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After spending a few moments in remembrance, your celebration will continue and you will enjoy your craft beers. Hopefully you will enjoy this time with friends and family, who may also enjoy craft beers. But… there is always that one. The one who forgoes your keg of homebrew or craft beer. The one who dodges the hop-friendly IPAs and oak-aged Stouts you so selflessly opened to anyone in attendance. They’ve even managed to offload that pilsner or other craft lager you personally purchased for them since they only drink “light” beers. But fear not! There is hope for this friend, spouse, and/or family member!
The other day my wife and I made a trip to our friendly neighborhood bottle shop (Beverages and More), and sifted through the generous selection they always have available to us VIPs – its called the Craft Beer Aisle. I searched up and down the aisle monitoring my moods and emotions as I scanned their inventory. I selected a few that were recommended, and a few that I read about. All for me, of course. I then encouraged my wife to make a selection or two for her own enjoyment.

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My wife is a Texan through and through. She loves the entire state (I’m not sure how that’s possible). She misses the rolling thunderstorms, and the crazy Texan courtesies. She loves her Dallas Mavericks, her Dallas Stars, and worst of all, her Dallas Cowboys. Now, I’m not a fan of the Cowboys by any stretch of the imagination; but Texas has given her and her family something far worse in my opinion – the taste for the American Lite Lager, especially Coors Lite. The first time we went out she offered a Coors Lite to me. I was still trying to impress her, so I drank it. Once the courtship became official, those went out the window.
Now that you know her history, back to the Beverages and More story. She scanned the few aisles that she was interested in and gently put her selection into the cart. I looked down only to see Boulder Beer Company’s Shake Chocolate Porter. It doesn’t matter what you think of the porter, but I think we can all agree that’s quite the step from Coors Lite. The good news is, her transformation is ALL my doing. And I’ve shared my secrets to getting someone to drink craft beer below:
  1. If they don’t drink beer, make them drink one anyway. They’ll enjoy it… eventually.
  2. While you’re drinking one of your favorites, make sure you force them to have a sip too! It’s a great beer!
  3. Even when trying different, and often weird, styles of beers throughout the day or week, repeat # 2.
  4. You can also try the force method with that 3 hop, 5 malt, 2 yeast experiment you home-brewed a few weeks ago. You’re a good brewer right?
  5. Start with the “best” beer you can find. You know, those Double IPAs, the Imperial Stouts, and the all-Brett Sours. People need to get with the times! Bigger is better!
  6. Don’t start them with something similar to what they already like. If they like sweet, don’t give them a cider, mead, or any other malt forward beer. Try Stone’s Arrogant Bastard or Ruination. Everyone likes Stone, right?
  7. Good beer has no seasons. Founders’ KBS and Rasputin’s RIS drink just as easy in the middle of a Texas summer as Bell’s Two-Hearted Ale or Sierra Nevada’s Pale Ale.
  8. Make them stand in line with you for those private releases, and convince them how amazing it is to wait hours for the opportunity to potentially purchase one.
  9. Or for the average days, allow them to enjoy looking at your local bottle shop’s new inventory for the hour or more that you’re there.
  10. If all else fails, “trick” them by pouring it in a red solo cup and writing their name and “Coors Lite” on the cup.
Hope these work for you as “well” as they’ve worked for my wife and I.

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