It’s Not About the Beer!… Kind of…

Posted: April 8, 2015 in Beer, Craft Beer, General, Homebrewing

As with most other minutes of the day, I find myself thinking about all things beer. Recipes, mash temps, hop schedules, beer styles, homebrew competitions, working in a brewery, working in the industry, the state of the industry… the list can go on and on. Then I begin to ponder about WHY I love this stuff so much, and why I would even consider working in an industry that revolves around an alcoholic beverage (disclaimer: I am merely an amateur homebrewer that also has a minor interest in business).

Then it dawned on me… it’s not about the beer at all! Do I enjoy the artful science that is the brewing process? Absolutely! Does the beer quench my thirst on every occasion? But of course! Will my wife ever go back to drinking American Lite Lagers? NEVER!

All these things are fine and dandy, but it’s the people that keep me thirsty for more (see what I did there?). Its the experiences shared. The time in community with the like minded, or in some cases the opposite minded with similar tastes, brings about a plethora of thoughts and feelings that create lasting memories. Some of my deepest conversations started over a shared pint. Relationships have been created AND strengthened at local pubs. Those things that last much longer than the beer itself make for the perfect pour everytime. As Billy Currington put it, “God is Great, beer is good, and people are crazy.”

In other news, my recent research into first wort hopping has shown that it has only a minimal effect on the homebrew level compared to typical boil additions in regard to IBUs, but has a greater effect on perceived bitterness. So there’s that. Thank goodness for BeerSmith.


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