Yes, I am still here, and I have yet to give up on this blog. Some busy work months, attacks of the Rhinovirus variety, a few family emergencies, and here we are almost at Thanksgiving.

First things first – A few updates from the previous posts. The split batch of SMaSH Pale experiment turned out much differently than what I was expecting. To bring you up to speed, I used a very simple  all grain 2 row/Cascade small batch (2 gallons) recipe and used WLP001 and WLP565 in each one gallon fermenter. The 001 really allowed the hops and the bitterness to shine through. Unfortunately for me, it was a bit too much without a fuller malt backbone to support tne bitterness. However, the 565 batch had the phenolics to mask the bitterness. The Saison yeast gave it a Farmhouse IPA character. It ended up being my preferred  batch.

In other news, I have continued my look into the craft beer business. In following much of the beer and beverage industry news, including various podcasts and websites/articles, I have opened my mind to contributing to the industry in other ways besides a nano brewery/brewpub. Perhaps it’s in the cards to open a local brewery. Perhaps its a tap house or bottleshop or some other local retail shop focused on quality beer. Or maybe it’s to keep spreading the knowledge of good beer. Who knows what the future holds… for now I’ll just have another pint. Cheers!


A Golden Strong with cherries from Mraz Brewing


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