Obsessed? No way… Okay, maybe just a little.

Posted: August 4, 2014 in Craft Beer
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Hello, my name is Conrad. (Hi Conrad.) And, I think I am obsessed with beer. No, I am not an alcoholic. I definitely recommend anyone who has hit a level of dependence or loss of control to seek professional help. Instead, I am talking about a different kind of obsession altogether.

I walk around the grocery store with the wife and I think, “Hmm.. Coriander and pumpkin pie spice? Well it is time for Autumn brewing..” Or I see fresh fruits and I instantly start searching for recipes that may use some of the ingredients before me. Even when I walk through the camping gear, I see the coolers and say, “That’s a nice small batch mash tun. Oh that would work for the 5-10 gal. batches.”

All I can think about is my next batch. My last few (to include a Centennial-based IPA, an American Brown, and a Belgian Tripel) do not seem to be satiating my appetite. I even switched to small-batch brewing to I could brew and experiment more.

Now that my obsessions are out in the open, it is time to share a little secret – I want to open up a brewery and/or tap house. “But Conrad, recent openings of breweries have increased exponentially within the past few years. The market is already too saturated!” I know. “And, Conrad, don’t you know that the Craft Brew bubble is about to burst?” Maybe it is. “Conrad, you do know it is a lot tougher than just drinking beer all day right?” You’re right, I’ll stick to the walk in the park that is my Monday through Friday.

Look… I’m not trying  to open up the next BBC, Fat Tire, or Stone. I don’t need a brewery pumping out thousands of barrels of the same IPA or Blonde. In fact, there’s a hole in the wall pizza joint that serves the best damn pizza and craft brew that I could ever want. And, at this point, that’s all I want. A local, nano brew/tap house that puts another quality beer into someone’s hand.

I know it’s not going to be all fun and games. And I’m not in it to make riches beyond my imagination. It is most likely a billion times more difficult (on a scientifically accurate scale) than I could imagine. But a man could dream right? We all have something that we want to do when we “grow up.” Not all of us grew up wanting to work for the local government. We did not always want to be accountants and office managers. We didn’t want to labor for 10-12+ hours for a major construction company. We have an idea of what we want to do the rest of our lives, so why not try and make them happen? I mean, what’s the worst that could happen – we keep doing the same thing we’ve been doing all along?

Cheers to a dream in the works, and to the awesomeness that is homebrewing.

  1. Bill Chance says:

    My friends keep bugging me to start home-brewing… but that’s a long Rabbit-Hole I know I’d fall down and don’t know when I’d get up again.

    Nice entry, thanks for sharing.


    • It truly is the hobby that keeps on giving. But I definitely know what you mean – I haven’t stopped since my first batch. Still definitely worth giving a whirl at least a time or two. Thanks for the read Bill!


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